How high are the retaining walls?

Retaining walls on site vary but range from a maximum of 4’ to a maximum of 12’. There is a total of seven retaining walls associated with this development.

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1. When was the (grading) plan approved?
2. Did the retaining wall and/or trees and single house by the pond get moved after the original plan approval?
3. How high are the retaining walls?
4. What types of trees are being used in the restoration (size, location and quality)?
5. Is there information on the proposed public park adjacent to this development?
6. What are the construction hours?
7. Where is the school district boundary line?
8. When will the dead end section of Ruby Lane be demolished and the seeding project occur?
9. What changes will be made to Galpin Blvd/Lake Lucy Rd to accommodate the added traffic?