Will the speed limit stay the same?

The current speed limit between Highway 5 and Lake Lucy Road is 45 MPH. The speed limit north of Lake Lucy Road is 40 MPH. The study will evaluate if the speed limits can be lowered.

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1. Why does Galpin Boulevard need to be reconstructed?
2. Will Galpin Boulevard be widened to four lanes north of West 78th Street?
3. Will the speed limit stay the same?
4. Where can I find more information?
5. When is the project scheduled for construction?
6. If construction isn’t planned until 2022, why is the City doing a preliminary design study now?
7. Are sidewalks and/or trails included as a part of the project?
8. How is the project going to be funded, does it include any assessments to property owners?
9. Will I have access to my property during construction?