Water Meters


Most meters resemble the Sensus meter shown to the right and are generally located in the utility room or basement of your home. The meter is read like an automobile odometer and record gallons used with a tenths of gallons column to the right of the decimal.

Water Usage Tracking

Read and record the meter reading on at least two consecutive days. Subtracting the previous day's reading from the current reading will indicate the number of gallons of water used in that specific period of time.

Leak Detection

The small red dial on the lower right of the meter register is used for leak detection. Turn off all water inside and outside your home, including water-using appliances. Observe the leak detector dial for movement for at least 10 minutes. If the indicator is moving when all water is off there may be a leak. Toilets are the most common kind of water-wasting leak.

Free toilet dye test strips are available at city hall and the public works facility.

Other Meter Styles

If your meter looks like the Neptune shown to the right:
  1. The LCD display reads in gallons with two places to the right of the decimal (hundredths).
  2. Solar cell supplies power for the LCD display (light-activated.) If no display is visible, apply more light to the solar panel and it will activate.
  3. Location of the leak icon (small faucet symbol). The leak icon will flash when water has been used for at least 50 of the 96 15-minute intervals during a 24-hour period. If the leak icon is on continuously, this indicates water use for ALL 96 15-minute intervals during a 24-hour period.
Water Meter Radio Replacement Project