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Chanhassen: A Centennial History

The book, “Chanhassen: A Centennial History” was written by Daniel J. Hoisington, a writer and historian, in 1996 in celebration of our Centennial. This book, the first complete history of the city, relates the fascinating people and events that shaped the town. Based on primary sources, oral history interviews, and private family collections, the book tells the story of a community and its people.

Some of the families included in the book are the Aldritts, Leachs, Cordells, Bennetts, Dimlers, Rev. Galpin, Kelms, Kerbers, Kesslers, Klingelhutzs, Kurvers, Lymans, Livingstons, Meuwissens, Notermanns, Paulys, Powers, Roesers, Schneiders, Schroeders, Sinnens, Vogels, and Wilsons - just to name a few.

Readers will learn about:
  • Clara Judd, the minister’s wife who was arrested as a Confederate spy.
  • Elmer Kelm, the small town banker who founded the Democratic - Farmer-Labor Party.
  • George Buschkowsky, the mayor and only Lutheran in the village of Catholics.
  • John Geiser, one of Minnesota’s greatest church builders.
  • Mudcura Sanitarium, where thousands came to bake in Chanhassen mud.
  • The Chanhassen Dinner Theatre, how the nationally known institution got its start.
  • The Harvest Chicken Dinner, the biggest event of the year.
  • The Red Birds, Chanhassen’s own baseball team.
Book Cover for Chanhassen: A Centennial History
The book is illustrated with scores of photographs from family collections that have never before been made public. This centennial history is more than just a list of dates; it is a study about how a town can shape its destiny.

To obtain a copy, stop by city hall and pick one up for $10 (includes tax). Acceptable payments are cash, check (payable to the City of Chanhassen) or credit card (in-person use only). To order a copy by mail, please contact city hall at (952) 227-1100 to determine preferred shipping method / fees.