Fringe Business (BF) District Uses


This area is the southern gateway to the City. The uses in the BF District conflict with the land use guiding of properties. By allowing conditional uses that conflict with the City’s long-term vision for the area, these areas may not develop at the highest and best uses.


The City’s BF District was initially created 1986 with the stated intent to “accommodate limited commercial uses without urban services” with all potential uses being listed as either conditional or accessory uses. In 1990, the City created interim use permits (IUP) and began classifying uses that it desired to be temporary in nature as interim uses. In 1994, the City amended the BF District’s intent statement to state:

“The intent of the ‘BF’ District is to accommodate limited commercial uses temporary in nature without urban services, while maintaining the integrity, minimizing impact, and protecting the natural environment. When urban services are available, land use may change to a higher and improved use of the property.”

Most business uses, with the exception of wholesale nursery/green houses with no retail which is a permitted use, are classified as conditional uses within the District; however, some uses, such as churches and outdoor storage, are classified as interim uses.

The City’s 2040 Land Use plan guides the parcels currently zoned BF for office industrial, mixed use, residential medium density, and residential high density land uses. The Highway 101/61 study commissioned by the City in 2014 envisions many of these parcels as being part of the City’s southern gateway. 

While any business may continue to operate under the terms of existing conditional use permits in perpetuity, the City is concerned that applications for new or expanded conditional use permits (CUP) may come in. Since the express intent of the District is to accommodate temporary commercial uses until urban services are extended, it may be appropriate to classify the area’s allowed commercial uses as interim rather than conditional uses. Doing so will help to convey the City’s expectation that these uses will be discontinued and the parcels redeveloped once municipal services are extended, and will also provide the City with an additional tool to help insure that the area develops at the highest and best use.

The following Chanhassen City Code is subject to changes:

  • Chapter 20, Zoning, Article XX. "BF" Fringe Business District, Sec. 20.771, -773, and -775 - These sections respectively list the Districts permitted, conditional, and interim uses.

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Date Meeting Type Action
January 4, 2022 Planning Commission Approved
January 24, 2022 City Council Approved