Determining when and where to provide appropriate treatments such as marked crosswalks and pedestrian crossing warning signs is often complicated.  Elements that can affect decisions on whether to install crossing treatments and what type include:

  • Posted speed of the roadway.Crosswalk Image
  • Volumes of vehicular and pedestrian traffic.
  • Number of travel lanes, geometry of the roadway at the crossing location.
  • Profile of pedestrian traffic (proportion of crosswalk use by elderly or children).
  • Type of roadway (local street or collector)
  • Setting (mid-block or at intersections, surrounding land use, existing traffic control devices in the area, etc.)

All of the elements listed above can influence decision making on whether a crosswalk should be installed at a given location and if additional treatments to increase the safety of the crossing should be considered.   The overall objective of the decision making process is to determine where marked pedestrian crosswalks are effective and when additional treatments are appropriate.  As such, crosswalks are only considered when data indicates effectiveness which may require an engineering study be completed. Studies include the following detailed information:

  • Geometrics
  • Motorist site distance
  • Traffic volume data including truck traffic and turning movements
  • Daily pedestrian volume estimates
  • Observation of site characteristics that could divert driver attention from the crosswalk
  • Posted speed limit
  • Crash History

Crosswalks are only considered when data indicates effectiveness. When the city receives a request for a crosswalk, staff will check if the basic criteria meets MnDOT guidance.  The guidance document can be found here.

Some of the roads within the city are actually County roads and requests for crosswalks on these roads should be referred to the County. Click here for information on the County's Crosswalk Policy, or call 952-466-5200.

Minnesota Department of Public Safety - Bike and Pedestrian Safety

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