Plat Recording Timeline


The city's subdivision ordinance requires that final plats and metes and bounds subdivisions be recorded within 30 days of approval; however, due to circumstances beyond the applicant's control this is not always possible.


The current language in the Subdivision Ordinance mandates that final plats and metes and bounds subdivisions be recorded with the County Recorder Office within 30 days after receiving City Council approval.  Failure of the applicant to comply with this timeline is listed as cause for revoking the city's approval. Often, multiple issues arise that are beyond the control of the applicant, property owner or city, and these issues make meeting the 30-day deadline impossible. In practice, the city does not act to revoke the approval when these issues arrive, due to the understanding that extenuating circumstances happen. That being said, a timeline is required in order to prevent developers from deliberately delaying recording an approved subdivision to artificially maintain a lower property tax valuation. 

Staff proposes to balance these considerations by extending the timeline to record a plat from 30 days to 120 days, which would make it consistent with the recording timelines established for other recorded documents under the City Code.  Failure to meet that deadline would void the approval unless a request for time extension is submitted in writing and approved by the City Council.

The following section of the Chanhassen City Code is subject to changes:

  • Sec. 18-37(c) – This section establishes a 30-day timeline for recording metes and bounds subdivisions.
  • Sec. 18-41(e) – This section establishes a 30-day timeline for recording final plats.
  • Sec. 20-30 – This section establishes a 120-day timeline for recording variances, conditional use permits, interim use permits, site plans, wetland alteration permits, and mining permits. It also allows the City Council to approve extensions to the 120-day timeline.

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March 2, 2021 Planning Commission Approved
March 22, 2021 City Council Approved