Commercial Planned Unit Developments (PUD) and Associated Design Standards


The following map/list represents the Commercial PUDs in the City of Chanhassen and their associated design standards.
Contact Senior Planner Bob Generous at 952-227-1131 or email with questions.

Commercial/Industrial/Mixed/Institutional PUD Location Map

Click on the corresponding link in the table below the map to view the Design Standards associated with the desired PUD Site #. Click on the File No. to access project documents (Files prior to 2004 may not be available electronically. Contact Bob Generous for further information.). Click on the map to view a printable map in pdf format.
PUD_Districts_CommIndus Map2
Site #ProjectFile No.Design Standard
1Seven/Forty-One Crossing2014-35Design Standard
2Arboretum Shopping Center                    2002-2 PUDDesign Standard
3Children's Learning Adventure2015-09Design Standard
4Arboretum Business Park1992-6 PUDDesign Standard
5Chanhassen West Business Park2005-23Design Standard
6Galpin Business Park2002-1 PUDDesign Standard
7Bluff Creek Corporate Center1997-2 PUDDesign Standard
8Chanhassen Business Center1991-4 PUDDesign Standard
9Paisley Park PUD2016-24Design Standard
10Eckankar2002-2 PUDDesign Standard
11Chanhassen Retail Center1995-2 PUDDesign Standard
12Market Square1989-2 PUDDesign Standard
13Villages on the Ponds1995-2 PUDDesign Standard
14Chanhassen Gateway2005-01Design Standard
15Southwest Village2006-18Design Standard
16Avienda2017-10Design Standard