Recreational Beach Lots Clarification

Summary of Request

Several sections of the Conditional Use Permit (CUP) standards for recreational beach lots, particularly the section governing overnight storage and mooring, are poorly structured. In its current state, it is difficult to read and hard to determine what provisions apply and in what circumstances they apply. The city frequently receives calls from HOAs interested in amending their CUP or clarifying their understanding of what is and is not permitted, and the confusing structure of this section of the Code can sometimes exacerbate rather than resolve their confusion. This section also contains an out-of-date reference that should be updated to continually reference the most recently adopted comprehensive plan. Finally, this section outlines a policy allowing adjacent lots under a common ownership to consolidate their docks that is confusing and unnecessary.

Staff proposes to rewrite sections of the code to clarify the intent of the portions that routinely cause confusion. The substance and nature of the provisions governing recreational beach lots should not be changed other than updating the out-of-date reference and removing unnecessary provisions, but phrasing and organization should be reworked in the hopes of creating a more user-friendly section.

Issue Paper

The following section of the Chanhassen City Code is subject to changes:

  • Chapter 20 - Zoning

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Date Meeting Type Action
November 19, 2019 Planning Commission Public Hearing Approved
December 9, 2019 City Council Approved