About Our Water

The City of Chanhassen produces an average of 991 million gallons of safe and clean water to over 8,500 service connections annually.  Water is provided from 12 wells, 3 storage tanks, and 2 water treatment plants.  Our allowable annual groundwater appropriation is 1,586 million gallons per our Water Supply Permit from the DNR.

Each water treatment plant can produce a maximum of 8 million gallons of water per day.  The water is pumped from the wells to the treatment plant where iron, manganese, and bacteria are removed by sand filters and chlorine is added.

Chanhassen is proud of our compliance with state and federal drinking water regulations.  Water samples are routinely collected and analyzed for chemical composition and any presence of harmful bacteria.

Chanhassen's Annual Drinking Water - Consumer Confidence Report (CCR)

MN Dept. of Health Water Treatment Scams Publication

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