Galpin Boulevard (CR 117) Improvements Project


The City of Chanhassen and Carver County are currently considering improvements to Galpin Boulevard between Highway 5 and the northern city limits. The existing roadway pavement is in poor condition and is in need of upgrades including improvements to traffic operations and safety. 

The City and County have initiated a study to evaluate the existing roadway and to take a look at potential improvements that could include:
  • Installation of curb and gutter and storm sewer 
  • Sidewalk and trail connections
  • Intersection upgrades
  • Stormwater quality improvements
Please note: The improvements will not include any additional traffic lanes north of W. 78th Street but additional turn lanes are being considered at some intersections. No assessments to property owners are being proposed as a part of the project.
It is anticipated that construction could occur in 2022, however, the exact schedule has not yet been determined.

Currently, this section of Galpin Boulevard is owned and maintained by Carver County. If Galpin Boulevard is reconstructed, it would be turned over to the City of Chanhassen for future operations and maintenance.

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3/28/18 - Soil boring work will be taking place along Galpin Boulevard. All borings will be drilled within existing right-of-way along the edge of the road. The work is currently scheduled to begin Friday, March 30, 2018.

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