2017-2018 Alternative Urban Area Wide Review

The Alternative Urban Area Wide Review (AUAR) consists of a hypothetical development scenario, an inventory of environmental and cultural resources, an assessment of the cumulative impacts that the development scenario may have on these resources as well as public infrastructure services. It also contains a set of mitigation measures intended to address the cumulative impacts resulting from a sequence of related development projects as opposed to an Environmental Assessment Worksheet (EAW) or Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) which simply looks at a single project’s impacts and does not attempt to outline mitigation initiatives. This review does not include any comments regarding building layout, uses, architecture, etc. This AUAR update was initiated by the proposed development of Avienda. Click HERE to view those project documents.

Related Resources

Paper copies of the AUAR Draft, including all figures and appendices, are available for viewing at Chanhassen City Hall and at the Chanhassen Library.