Irrigation Audit Program


Each year there is a significant increase in water use during the summer months in Chanhassen due to irrigation. In an effort to engage the community in water conservation measures, the City is offering irrigation audits to Homeowners' Associations, new residents, businesses, and other organizations that may utilize an irrigation system as a water-saving resource.

To give you an idea of the increase in water use that occurs during the summer months, consider that the average number of gallons pumped per person in the winter is 80.7 per person per day. In the summer, the average is 225.6 gallons per person per day. Lawn irrigation and other outdoor watering is the primary reason for this increase. Annually about 43% of the City water pumped is used for outdoor uses.

Organizations or businesses that are responsible for irrigating large landscaped areas can reap the largest cost and time-savings benefits from employing conservation strategies. For these organizations, the amount of money being spent on maintenance is probably significant. By participating in the WaterWise Irrigation Audit program, your organization can find the best way to reduce its cost, maximize its resources and improve its landscape management.

The irrigation system audit is a thorough examination of each component of your system. The audit will test for proper water pressure, review the zones, cycles and schedules of the control panel and run the system to evaluate zone efficiency and find any parts in need of repair. A city staff member, WaterSense certified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, will conduct the audit.

For New Residents, Chanhassen offers an educational audit, performed by a WaterSense certified staff member. City staff can perform a brief check of your system to look for any needed repairs, and demonstrate how to set your irrigation schedule so that your system can operate at its highest efficiency, saving your household money as well as reducing your water usage.

Contact Krista Spreiter to find out if you qualify for a free irrigation audit.

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