Sand blankets


Many people try to create a sand beach on their shoreline where they do not naturally occur. Your sand blanket WILL erode and sand will migrate down shore due to any amount of wave action. If the bottom of your lake is soft, the sand will disappear by sinking into the mud.

Sand erosion has the potential to cover aquatic plant beds and fish spawning areas. Degrading fish and plants will have a harmful impact on the water quality of your lake.

Permits and Laws

You are allowed two sand blanket applications. After two applications you must obtain a permit from the DNR. You are not allowed to install any type of plant liner underneath your sand blanket. Vegetation will constantly come in through the sand.

You may be required to submit an aquatic plant management permit to the DNR Division of Fisheries if you plan to weed the vegetation by hand or through the use of herbicides. You will be required to obtain a permit from the Division of Fisheries if you wish to place sand over emergent vegetation (cattails).

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